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  1. Where has this voice been? I am an Emergency Physician in South Carolina, and in lieu of a decent vacation, I watched Joolz Guides to London in my down time. Suddenly in the background of the video,I thought I heard James Taylor..but no…the voice was too rich. It dropped easily and clearly to the next notes; pure, plaintive and moving. I googled and found Terry. What an absolute pleasure hearing him. He gets me through the rough shifts…and let’s me soar on the good days. I have even started playing his music in the ER for the nurses and patients…they LOVE it. Terry St. Clair, you restoreth our souls.

  2. Where has this voice been? Beautiful, clear, richness that makes James Taylor sound thin; easy drops to the next note, honest and moving. I discovered his songs on you tube and I play them in the Emergency room when I work. The patients love it. The staff is ‘made better for my eyes’, and I can’t keep his songs out of my head. Keep them coming Terry.

  3. Hi Teresa. Thank you so much for your lovely posts. How fantastic that you discovered Terry St.Clair’s music. We’re so excited to hear how much you and your colleagues are enjoying it.

    Also thank you for your order of CDs. They are on there way to you. We’re sure you will enjoy listening to them, let us know.

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