Terry’s latest album. It consists of all his favourites sung either in concert in venues around the world or performed at street shows in Covent Garden.

This  CD  is  a  collection  of  folk  songs  and  covers.


Blues  Run  t he  Game

The  January  Man


The  Elfin  Knight

Hard  Times

Little  Musgrave

Lord  Franklin

Needle  of  Death

Oh  Babe  it  aint  no  lie

Sammy’s  Bar

Streets  of  London

Tomorrow’s  a Long  Time

Universal  Soldier

The  Water  is  Wide

You  Never  Wanted  Me

An  acoustic  CD  consisting

of  mainly self-penned Songs   




Different  World

Hardest  Part

The  Man  Who  Understands

May  Be  Not  Tomorrow

The  Night  All  Hell  Broke

Come  Back  Baby

Hesitation  Blues

I Will  Be Your  Guide


Black  Brown  &  White

Next  to  Me

Our Time Tonight

If  I  Fall  in  Love  With  You

Remember  Me

This  popular self-produced Album is  mostly self-penned songs has always been a real favourite.  


Nowhere to  Run

The  Hardest  Part

Vondel  Park  No.2

Our  Time  Tonight

I  Need  You

Sad  Earth

Maybe  Not  Tomorrow

Lord  Franklin


Ben  and  the  Long  Haired  Lady  From  Leatherhead

Not Between Two and Five was Terry’s very first CD. It proved so successful that it inspired him to write another Album called From the Little Back room 


I Will Be Your Guide

Loves Been No Friend Of Mine

The Night All Hell Broke Out

On All Fours

If I Fall In Love With You

Great Expectations  Fantasy

The Man Who Understands

Stars In Yours  Eyes

Time To Move Along