Terry is an English folk singer, acoustic guitarist and songwriter. For over forty years he has performed in clubs, concerts and festivals throughout Europe and the U.S.A, plus numerous times on TV and radio around the world. 

His songs have been used in several films including the 2006 Mike Binder film ‘The Upside of Anger’ starring Kevin Costner. 

Although enjoying and being completely at home on the concert and folk club stage, Terry has often moved away from the mainstream folk scene, preferring to take his music to a much wider and more diverse audience. Street performance has a long and credible tradition. Holding a crowd of tourists, shoppers or workers on their lunch break, with a few songs and a bit of chat is rewarding. But he believes this is a natural stage for folk music. 


Where has this voice been? I am an Emergency Physician in South Carolina, and in lieu of a decent vacation, I watched Joolz Guides to London in my down time. Suddenly in the background of the video,I thought I heard James Taylor..but no…the voice was too rich. It dropped easily and clearly to the next notes; pure, plaintive and moving. I googled and found Terry. What an absolute pleasure hearing him. He gets me through the rough shifts…and let’s me soar on the good days. I have even started playing his music in the ER for the nurses and patients…they LOVE it. Terry St. Clair, you restoreth our souls….Teresa USA

You are my best memory of London’, Elle, Toronto.

Great musician … I live in Brasil but it’s always a great pleasure see you performing in the Covent Garden… SIlvio

‘Every time I come to Covent Garden I know you’ll make my day’, Jen, London. 

‘My mum took me to see ‘Cats’ as a teenager, but to be honest all I really remember is your music and the enjoyment I got from it’….Graeme J (now 27). 

Great artist and musician. I still have his video, performing at Covent Garden in 1986…..Affrin


Saw Terry St.Clair Playing in Covent Garden whilst I was on a visit to London From Hollywood USA. His Songs made me stop and listen, I had to put one of his songs in my new film ‘Upside of Anger’ (2005)  My favorite track is ‘if I fall in Love with You’ so this was the one I used. Brilliant…….Mike Binder. Director.

It is very heartening to discover that a singer/songwriter of the caliber of Terry St.Clair can still be found in a musical world which seems to value loud tuneless junk and amateurism above melodic tunes and the long established art of the seasoned troubadour…….John Tobler Folk Roots Magazine

Terry St.Clair:- Intelligent & emotive acoustic songs performed with style and assurance. He is a thoughtful and classy singer, guitarist and songwriter. His most recent album ‘Black White’ is certainly worth a listen……TIME OUT Magazine 

A Great English Summer Festival

Sidmouth Music Festival


Terry Autographing His CD's


Always entertaining