Not Between Two and Five


I Will Be Your Guide

I will be your guide

If you need me by your side

your will never be denied

I will be your guide


If you need a helping hand

or just someone to understand

when things that you have planned

I will lend a hand


If you need a place to hide

or a friend to confide

to wipe the tears that you have cried

I will be your guide Repeat chorus & verse 3. 

The Man Who Understands


I am the man who understands all of your thoughts are in my hands

I’ll always be at your command

I am the man who understands

You are a friend second to none

in all the world you are the one

and when you say its time to run

just think of all things we’ve done


Fill me a glass to ease the pain

and fill it time and time again

when others go we will remain

and it will always be the same


If I could carry you away

I wouldn’t wait another day

of all the games that people play

this is the one that’s here to stay

And if there was another time

when I was yours , and you were mine

we never even saw the signs

I’ll follow you right down the line


The Stars In Your Eyes

I saw the stars in your eyes

I saw the sunshine behind you

and I saw the dreams that take you away

and I’d search a lifetime to find you

I know the love that you give

and the beauty that always surrounds you

Here in my nights and here in my days

the light that shines around you


I feel the warmth from your arms

and I feel the warmth when your near me

and I feel the strength that breaks out inside

and words of love so you can hear me


I need you in my life

and I need your love to surround me

Here in my night and here in my days

and here in my arms forever


If I Fall In Love With You

Can I help it if I fall in love with you

can I help it if I think of only you

do you want me to walk away to come

back again someday

if you don’t mind I think I rather stay around 

There was a time when I would cry at night for you

and now I lie awake until the morning new

Its getting harder all the time

so when will you be mine

If you don’t answer I think I’m gonna cry again


I’ve been through this all before you can’t fool me now

Can’t you see that I will see through you somehow

If you can’t make up your mind then I will understand

Can’t you see that Ill be sad without you near

and I don’t mind telling you just how I feel

Its a long way I have come I don’t wanna run

I feel sure that someday your gonna love

me too Repeat chorus and 1st verse 


I’m lost in my imagination

I live in dreams of pure sensation

I never want to see reality

like my world to be a fantasy

In academic education

our minds are fed with information

the facts are not all what they seem to be

my thoughts are all wound up in fantasy


Come in my dream world, set yourself free come in my dream world, see what I can

see All of the places you’ve never been

The world is full of complications with all those petty regulations

I have no time for such bureaucracy

I’d rather stay inside my fantasy Chorus twice. 

The Night All Hell Broke Out

There’s been heat wave over London that’s set the streets on fire

frustration burning in the gutter kids scream with hot desire

as black and white present their anger and police retaliate

a boy lies bleeding on the pavement the name of this game is hate


And you can hear them shout

lets change something’s about

the night all hell broke out

Now action taken was expected a riot squad displayed

out on the streets and set for battle to drive those kids away

the time for talking never started it never worked before

A hero falls for law and order to even up the score

– Chorus

The morning sun shines over London

The morning paper count the cost

but who can understand the reasons for this urban holocaust

who ever thought the streets in England could be a battle ground

but until we learn to live together there’s fire all around



Time To Move Along

Oh the time has come for me to move along

I’ve been hanging round and I’m running out of songs

Its been good till now but I think you ought to know

I’m a little tired and I really got to go

Well we had good times and I’m sorry it must end

I’ll have you in my thoughts and I hope we can be friends

I’ve got no regrets and you’ve been good to me

But its over now I’m sure you will agree


Nothing lasts forever we change along the way

People come then fade into the dark

Some will last forever up until their dying day

And other never make it from the start

And so I’ll leave before we start to cry

I’d rather do it quickly I’ve never liked good-byes

Please don’t think the worst of me for being what I am

Its just as hard for me you know I’ve done the best I can

Repeat chorus and 3rd verse


Love’s Been No Friend Of Mine

There’s a place that’s yours and mine

where we sat and drank our summer wine and never counted the time

we knew all these cobbled streets

and we’d talk to everyone we’d meet

and the world was fine

The cafe that we met drank our, shared a

cigarette on that summer day

but now I know it was all a game in the market

with the rain that washed it all away

Love’s been no friend of mine


There’s a seat we used to sit

by the window and its candle lit

were we dreaming

and though its never quite the same

the feeling’s now are just as plain and their meaning

But the garden never looked so good when I walked across and there you stood

in the sunshine

If time stood still but it never will I would hold on to that day

until the end of time Love’s been no friend of mine