Black White


Different World

I met someone from a different world so very far away

She seemed to come and go so fast I miss her to this day

Her smile could melt the frozen heart and light the darkest night

but now she’s gone back to her world and turned out the light

Her hair was of the finest silk, her eyes a perfect blue

and she came from a different world, that I never knew 
She came across to say hello, we stood and talked awhile

you should have heard us laugh that day, It still make’s me smile

She asked me for such little time and what little I had

but it was never long enough and that makes me sad

I didn’t know what I had lost but now its very plain

because I’ll never know the world from where she came 
 And on a busy London street laid bare before my eyes

it was in one brief moment that love materialised

And then she called to say goodbye my heart sank to the floor

and all the words I’d left unsaid were lost forever more

And on that crowded London street I found myself alone

I knew it was a different world from the one we’d known (Repeat 1st Verse) 

The Hardest Part

I can’t see you till the wars over

Till all the fighting stops

Hope I can return again someday

But many will be lost 
 Please say you’ll think of me

Out in some foreign land

Fighting for my country

With a gun in my hand 
 I’m only waiting for the day

I can come home to you and say I love you

And though there’s fear in my heart

Being without you is the hardest part. Marianne 
 My train is waiting for me

To take me to a far off shore

To a place I’ve never heard of

in the middle of a bloody war 
And we’ll stand together

Answering a battle call

There will be no returning

Till we either win or fall 
 I’d rather stay here in your arms

Missing you will do me much more harm

And over on the other side

There’s young boys wishing they could hide away

Marianne Repeat 1st verse, chorus. 

The Man Who Understands


I am the man who understands

all of your thoughts are in my hands

I’ll always be at your command

I am the man who understands 
 You are a friend second to none

in all the world you are the one

and when you say its time to run

just think of all things we’ve done 
 Fill me a glass to ease the pain

and fill it time and time again

when others go we will remain

and it will always be the same Chorus 
If I could carry you away

I wouldn’t wait another day

of all the games that people play

this is the one that’s here to stay 
 And if there was another time

when I was yours , and you were mine

we never even saw the sign

I’ll follow you right down the line Chorus 

Maybe Not Tomorrow

Sitting alone in the afternoon

Hoping that the weather changes soon

Well the country’s on its knees again

And the whole worlds out of tune

This can’t go on forever 
People dying cos they’ve got no bread

And the rest are over fed

I’m just sitting here wondering why

We can’t get it in to our heads

This can’t go on forever

We’ve got to make things better 
And there has got to be a way

That we can get it right someday

Maybe not tomorrow

But we’ll have to pay

If we don’t get it right someday 
Maybe I’m lucky being here

I could have lived in Kampuchea

Or been a child of the Lebanon

With the shell fire in my ear

This can’t go on forever 
And while I’m waiting for the cricket score

I hear the news about another war

And the children in Africa

What the hell are they dying for

Oh this can’t go on forever

We’ve got to make things better 
 And there has got to be away

That we can get it right someday

Maybe not tomorrow

But we’ll have to pay

If we don’t get it right someday

Maybe not tomorrow

But we’ll have to pay

If we don’t get it right

If we don’t stop fighting

If we don’t get it right someday 

The Night All Hell Broke Out

There’s been heat wave over London

that’s set the streets on fire

frustration burning in the gutter

kids scream with hot desire

as black and white present their anger

and police retaliate

a boy lies bleeding on the pavement

the name of this game is hate Chorus

And you can hear them shout

lets change something’s about

the night all hell broke out

the night all hell broke out 
 Now action taken was expected

A riot squad display

out on the streets and set for battle

to drive those kids away

the time for talking never started

it never worked before

A hero falls for law and order

to even up the score – Chorus 
 The morning sun shines over London

The morning papers count the cost

but who can understand the reasons

for this urban holocaust

who ever thought the streets in England

could be a battle ground

but until we learn to live together

there’s fire all around – Chorus 
 I Will Be Your Guide

I will always be your guide

If you need me by your side

you will never be denied

I will be your guide 
If you need a helping hand

or just someone to understand

when things go wrong that you have planned

I will lend a hand 

If you need a place to hide

or a friend to confide

to wipe the tears that you have cried

I will be your guide Repeat chorus & verse 3. 


So the evening is moving away

Leaving you with tired eyes

He wants to hold you

But he can’t get it right

No matter how hard he tries 
 The worried thoughts that run through your mind

Of what the morning brings

He wants to be there right by your side

But he won’t say anything


And your going round in circles

Going nowhere fast

And you know in your own circles

That it just won’t last 
 You didn’t know when he asked you to dance

He’d sweep you off your feet

And he was taken back by your smile

When you came to meet 
 And as you danced the evening away

You laugh at words he says

He asks if he can take you back home

And you hear yourself saying yes


Then you arrive outside your front door

He tells you how he feels

Its raining hard and you ask him inside

You wonder if its real 
 And as you quietly open the door

So you don’t wake anyone

He stuck for words that he wants you to hear

Now that the time has come


Nowhere to Run

There’s no way out as far as I can see

You lost your way and you’re not fooling me

Sold to the highest bid

God knows what else you did

You’re on your way to being exposed 
 So many people put their trust in you

you pay them back with the things you do

with power at your command

you played the devils hand

But now you find you’re out on your own.


And the higher you climb the harder you fall

And there’s nowhere to run

nowhere at all 
 Those so called friends you’ve got by your side

They’ll turn their backs on you and run to hide

And drop you like a shot

When you are not so hot

But they’re no better than you are -Chorus 
 And now its time to face the music,

put yourself down on the line

You have one chance and you must use it

To save yourself for the last time – 1st verse, Chorus 

Next to Me

Don’t want no drunks standing next to me

Don’t want to share in their misery

Put them all in some sanctuary

Don’t want them next to me 
 Don’t want no losers in my neighbourhood

The prices drop and it don’t look good

I ‘d lock them all up if I could

Not in my neighbourhood


So I ‘ll walk away from here

Find a place where the air is clear

Cos. I cant make them disappear

Don’t want them next to me 
 Don’t want to look at some poor old man

Who tries to get by the best he can

He’s got no money but who gives a dam

Not for that poor old man 
 The crippled child in her wheelchair

I turn away when I see her there

Lets hide them all away somewhere

Don’t want to see her there Chorus 
 Don’t want no beggars knocking at my door

why should I give what I worked hard for

I’m tired of hearing all about the poor

Don’t want them at my door 
 And all them homeless on the street

I’d make them all work for their keep

Instead of begging for the food they eat

Don’t want them on my street . Chorus 

Our Time Tonight

I have to say how much I feel about you

But words alone can’t say what’s on my mind

I would not tell you lies

And love is in your eyes

Ah but Suzanne this is our time tonight

Ah but Suzanne this is our time tonight 
 You make the best of every situation

You take your chances as they come along

And if you feel its right

You just get out and fight

Ah but Suzanne this is our time tonight

Ah but Suzanne this is our time tonight 
 There may not be another time

So let us make our plans

Tomorrow always comes too soon

The night is in our hands 
 Now many lovers never come together

They never get into each others arms

They live on broken dreams


Of what it might have been

Ah but Suzanne this is our time tonight

Ah but Suzanne this is our time tonight 
 There may not be another time

So let us make our plans

Tomorrow always comes too soon

The night is in our hands 
 And when I wake up to another morning

I want to hold you in my arms again

Night brings on the day

We go our separate ways

Ah but Suzanne this is our time tonight

Ah but Suzanne this is our time tonight 

If I Fall In Love With You

Can I help it if I fall in love with you

can I help it if I think of only you

do you want me to walk away come back again someday

if you don’t mind I think I ‘d rather stay around 
 There was a time when I would cry at night for you

and now I lie awake until the morning new

Its getting harder all the time

so when will you be mine

If you don’t answer I think I’m gonna cry again


I’ve been through this all before you can’t fool me now

Can’t you see that I will see through you somehow

If you can’t make up your mind then I will understand 
 Can’t you see that Ill be sad without you near

and I don’t mind telling you just how I feel

Its a long way I have come I don’t wanna run

I feel sure that someday your gonna love

me too Repeat chorus and 1st verse 





Remember Me

Remember me

I’m the one who moved away

So many years ago

When we were young

You asked me not to leave

But there was so much more I’d planned to see

Now was that very wrong of me 
Would you believe me

If I told you, that I have thought about you many times

But can you blame me

Cos., I would never have blamed you

If you had done the same thing to


And now I’ve come back to this town

Where all my friends have settled down

They tell me your married now

With children to your name

There the things we talked about

Or was it just a game 
 So its good to see you

Please don’t walk away

There are so many things that we can say

Before we take our leave

But not the way it was before

And we’ll be friends again once more

Repeat Chorus and 1st verse