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The following comments are E-Mail's received from people who have enjoyed Terry's music

Having listened to your album, 'black white' a million times since I bought it yesterday at Covent Garden I thought it was compulsory of me to write a few lines for all to read. I travel up to London quite often from Essex, but don't always have time to visit Covent Garden. I usually end up there though with the family and I have admired your 'unique' style of playing on many occasion. Sure, I see a lot of Bob Dylan and Ralph Mctell in there, but somehow you seem to make even their songs your own. That is a skill in itself. I love playing folk guitar, a combination of all styles of playing thrown into one. It looks easy (as I heard one bystander say), but believe me, it isn't. I was  the guy with a family who my wife and two young children enjoyed listening to you immensely. Funny, I sat there  on the heated pavement and for a while I was transported to another dimension listening to a man and his guitar. An absolute joy. Thanks again. I've no doubt you'll see me at one of your future gigs. I'm hooked!................Play on............Brian.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed listening to your music then and ever since.  I think that a lot of your music is a combination of Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, but clearly there is lot of your own input too. Whether you'll like that or not I don't know.  I'm a massive fan of Bob Dylan, so when you played my favourite song in the whole wide world (Don't think twice it's alright) it made me smile.  Thank you.  I lent your album to a friend of mine who is just learning to play the guitar and he found it helpful, so he says thank you too.  Keep up the good work. Thanks again Rob

Dear Terry, we bought a copy of your 'black white' CD from you at the weekend and are really enjoying it. So much so that we would like to order three further copies for presents for friends and relatives. Please could you advise the total cost incl. P&P and I can send you a cheque. Thanks very much, cheers, Mike

Came up and listened for a while which was enough to buy your CD - Black White. You may or may not remember us, not offended if you don't. You had only small change for a 20 so I paid 15 for the CD. Just wanted to say thank you and would pay it again. The music, lyrics, the whole sound is great. Thanks for your gift. I am a big James Taylor fan, and also big, big Paul Kelly (Australian singer/writer) fan. Hope to catch you live in the near  future. Thanks again, Rob.

Congrats to Kim on a really good web site - obeys all the rules of "fast" and "easy" - she ought to mention how to make things faster to Kerry Dexter (next on Web Ring) who has HUGE front page that took my ISDN line about 15 secs to download! I liked the music clips - when I have more time, I'll go thru them and decide on another CD to mail order. Cheers. Dr Michael 

hello!  my name is yukio arai. i am japanese. last year,i listen your song in covent garden. i like your song. how can i bay your cd albums. please teach me. good bye,

Have visited your website which is also really interesting.  I had assumed Black White was the only album.....!  If they are all as good as B/W, you will be receiving an order! Take care and best wishes. Tony and Miranda

I just wanted to tell you that, along with my friends, I really appreciated what you did.  On the nine hour trip home, I stopped listening for only a few minutes and that was to take off and land.  I really enjoy "Black White" and hope to get more of your CDs in the future.      Thank you again!   Larry  (US)

Hello Terry, just a little note from me to say that I arrived home yesterday and I was so homesick for London already, but then I put your CD in the cd-player and it was a little better. A really nice CD I have to say.Unfortunately this song (what was the name "...don't pity me, just don't rob me...) a yes... "All my friends are gone" is missing, but I think it will be on the next one. Well, I hope so. So, I hope your having a good time.See you. Bettina

HI!!! My name is Filipe. I went to London from 5th to 9th of April. I watched you playing  (please, excuse my english). I bought you a cd, and then the whole group of portugueses bought it too, and you said: "You sure started something!". I just want to say that the message of your cd (Black & White) has arrived Portugal in good hands, and those words that you said to me, have great feelings to me. I really thank you! Hope you reply this message! Best regards (whishing you the best), Filipe Correia

Terry,  Hello Terry, if I may call you Terry.  I would just like to thank you for the wonderful memories of London.  I'm from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, and I was in London between March 2-13 and I saw you twice at Covent Gardens.  I spoke to you both times at I bought your CD Black-White.  I would also like to tell how much I appreciated you exchanging my faulty CD for a new one.  I love listening to your cd so much.  Every time I hear it I'm back in England, and I would just like to thank you for enhancing my trip and for giving me such a wonderful reminder of my days in Covent Gardens.  Best of like to you, and keep on rocking!  A fan forever,                                                                                                               

Hello Terry! My name's Vanessa and I'm from Portugal. I've been in London for five days and I had the the great chance to listen to your musics last Thursday.  I went there with my friends in a school trip and we all just loved your music! I don't know if you remember but most of us bought your CD... I've been listening to it since that day and I truly wish to see you in Portugal this year! See if you can manage it, certainly we will all be there to support you!!! Thank you for your time!... I'd really like you to answer this e-mail, with lost of **************  Vanessa

My name is Elisabeth and I'm from Sweden. I was in London during last week-end (2-4 of mars) and heard you play. I really enjoyed your music, so I bought your CD Black white.  

Hi Terry, bought your CD last Sunday at Covent Garden. (The guy from Cologne with the Video-Camera, maybe you remember me) All I can say is, that the CD is worth every penny. I really enjoy listening to it. Keep me updated, if you have a new CD, please. Thanks Michael

Terry. Just a note to say how much we enjoyed your performance on Friday evening. On previous trips to London, we've spent time listening to you in Covent Garden. In December, we purchased "Black White" and in March we purchased "Not Between Two and Five", "From the Little Back Room" and a second copy of "Black White" (so we can each have one at work). We were on the continent  for a holiday, but just before we left the states we'd noticed on your website that you'd be playing the Troubadour on the 24th. Perhaps it wasn't  the most practical decision we've made in our six years of marriage, but we love your music so much that we actually caught a seacat to Dover in order to be in London for the gig. It was totally worth it! You played our favorites ("The Man Who Understands" - Diana & "Different World" - Wade), but you never said what the third song is that you wrote in the loo. Anyway, thanks for giving the world some great music. Best regards from your Oklahoma fans- Diana & Wade

Hallo Kim, We had the chance to come along and to listen to the concert on Friday. It was very good and we have enjoyed it very much! On Saturday we had to fly back to Hamburg. Hopefully we will hear Terry again - sometimes. Regine + Paul

Hello Terry, many thanks for a superb concert last night!! We've been looking forward to it since before x-mas, when we met you in Covent Garden. Please keep us updated on any other upcoming gigs of yours in the London region (unfortunatly can't make I cannot make the 2nd of March though), as we would love to hear you again - and again... 
Happy New Year, Wibke.

Dear Terry. Funny I should ready your mail at this moment when "I am a man - who understands" is ringing so loud and long in my head that I can't quite keep my mind on work. I've been playing it each morning since I arrived back (only Sunday!) - and I find it almost haunting - something I can't put my finger on - maybe nothing more than long burried memories of my brothers playing in the coffee houses when I was very young. I always have been drawn to tears by the sound of folk guitar, and interestingly was considering this AM if it was unreasonable to expect that the person I may choose for a life mate should experience the same emotional response - if I am just a softy at center who needs a harder stronger mate (like my present girlfriend who you met) - or if the whole thing is just an illusion of time and experience - no comonality of emotion available to us as lone earth travelers... - that is what Basically has brought to me thus far... thank you - Peter

Dear Terry. Thanks ever so much once more for tonight's performance. It was great and we enjoyed very much. It's been years that I have not had such a perfect birthday present. It would be great if you could add our e-mail address to your list to let us know about coming gigs. We hope we will see you soon. Best wishes. zeynep +sevim

Dear Terry, Just an e-mail to say hi and to wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do in life! Regards, Stewart C 
Dear Terry: We met last month on a rainy Sunday at Covent Garden. You were singing your songs under an umbrella and my son and I stopped to listen. We bought your Black and White cd. You mentioned you had been to Connecticut where we live and played a few gigs. You expressed an interest in coming back to the States.

There is a listener supported radio station which operates out of Bridgeport and plays a lot of acoustic/folk music. it is called WPKN and has a web page at I think it would be a good place to start if you want you music to get known or if you want to make contacts here for another U.S. trip.

We truly enjoy the Black and White cd. We would like to get the Basically... and Not Between Two and Five discs as well. My son would also like the lirics and music, if possible, to the two piamo tunes on Black and White. I have had a bit of difficulty with getting the order form off the web site. I will use the K.M. Productions address if that is the best way to get the discs but would appreciate your sending me an EMail to let me know. Thanks for your time and your music. Sam G

I was in London a few weeks ago and heard Terry perform. At that time I purchased "Basically...Terry St Clair". I am hooked and would like information as to how I might mail order from the US. A credit card purchase (Master Card) would be best as it will automatically adjust for the exchange rate from dollars to pounds.Regards, Don B

Well...I do not know if you do remember me...I am the Colombian girl you played for some time ago. I just wanted you to know how important those songs were to me and how deeply they touched me whenever I hear them again.

As I said that day, I admire your strenght and willingness to progress...the fact that you play your own songs, and live up to your believes regardingless.

I lived in England for a year and I saw you nearly every weekend, as a model and a proff of tenacy and courage. You didn't know, but you help me a lot.

Please, let me know if you ever produce the new CD you mentioned that day. You can always say you have a grateful soul in Colombia, a little country in South America, so far from your fascinating England. Thank you, ANA

Have just finished listen to your album, Black White. Only have one comment, Very good..... Regards, Hans

Hi, Terry, this is Steve! Love your new CD - Pat played it to me when she was here in June! I'm here at the "active life" fair in Dusseldorf and just want to say Hi! Hope to see you someday around here! Bye, Steve 

I bought a CD (Basically). I asked you at the time if I could obtain the chords for some of the songs. I have enjoyed all of the songs, but would like it if you could supply me with the chords to two songs: The man who understands, and If fall in love with you. I have accessed your web page briefly, but don't see any chords there.  These chords are purely for my own use. Many thanks Greg (South Africa)

As surprised as you were to find my site, that's how surprised I was to receive your mailnote! But I'm very happy to hear from you. I had dismantled my web site a few months ago because I didn't have time to keep it up. I left the pages on my web server, though, and I imagine you found me with one of the internet search engines. These search engines catalogue words on individual web pages. At one time I had setup sequentially linked pages that would have allowed you to follow a set of links to the page with the sound clips on it, but again, these have been dismantled. So the first question I have for you is, did you find both of my web pages that pertain to you? If not, please make sure you check out the main page at: This page explains how I came to meet you in London last March. I setup the page because I thought some of my friends on the Al Stewart Mail List

(see might enjoy your music. Indeed, I received numerous replies and I hope you saw a slight increase in record sales! My web site is in no way related to my job; it is for personal use only.

I'm very pleased that you've linked your site to mine but slightly embarrassed that the page is so poorly done.

So, in the next couple of weeks, when I have some time, I'd like to "spice" it up a bit, and I think I'll add additional sound clips for the rest of the songs on the album. I also have a proposition for you. I cannot make any promises regarding "turn-around time", but I would be happy to set up additional web pages for your other three albums, complete with sound clips and pictures, if you will send them to me. Truth be told, I'm planning on buying them anyway, but I'd be happy to accept them as "payment" for "Web Services Rendered". I'm amazed that our paths may have crossed again in January when you were in Weston, Connecticut! You may remember from your visit that Weston is only 20 minutes from where I live in Stamford. I was very disappointed to learn that you performed so close to my home and I missed it! If you do happen to come back to the area I hope you will allow me to introduce you and Kim to my wife and son (and daughter due on 6/15!). I look forward to hearing from you again. Phil. Stamford, Connecticut

Hi Terry it's Lee I thought you played very well in Chalk Farm the other night it was a very speical time for me I Love your home page it's great. Stay safe & take care. LEE London 

Hello there, It is very unlikely that you know who I am, but maybe you remember me. In the month July I came to listen twice, I had my hair in two braids, am blond and Dutch (this is not a sort of contactadvertisement!) and bought your cd. And here I come to the reason of this email. I love your music and probably have played the cd a thousand times or more, and I just wanted to thank you for that! Love, Kristel. Amsterdam

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