From the Little Back Room

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1. Nowhere to Run

2. The Hardest Part

3. Vondel Park No.2

4. Our Time Tonight

5. I Need You

6. Sad Earth

7. Maybe Not Tomorrow

8. lord Franklin 

9. Circles

10. Ben and the Long Haired Lady From Leatherhead

́¯¦ont>Terry St.Clair 1991 All songs and production by Terry St.Clair. Digitally recorded at The Cat-House Studios. Borehamwood. Unauthorised copying, Re-recording, Broadcasting or Public Performances of this recording Strictly Prohibited. Musicians Terry St.Clair-All vocals, Emu Emax 11. Roland Alpha Juno-2 . MKS 100 & R8. Boss DR550. Yamaha EMT 10. Dom 30 & DX100. Korg 707. Martin M38 Acoustic Guitar. Electronic instruments sequenced on Yamaha QX5. Kai Jansen Nylon String Guitar with effects on Vondel Park No.2. This recording is dedicated to the memory of my good friend Toni Savage of Leicester who help me so much in the beginning.

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