Basically...Terry St.Clair

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1. Next to me

2. The man who understands

3. You don't need me

4. Remember me

5. Hesitation blues *

6.Come back baby *

7. Troubled in mind *

8. If I fall in love with you

9. Stars in your eyes

10. The hardest part

11. The night all hell broke out

12. Time to move along

13. Nowhere to run

14. Remember the morning

All songs by Terry St.Clair except *.
Traditional arrangement by Terry St.Clair.
Produced Terry St.Clair.
Digitally recorded at The Cat House Studios. Borehamwood April 1995 แนน5.
Thanks to Paul Stephenson for his help and input on this album.
Cover Photograph: Philippa Robbins.

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